This workshop is designed for MOM registered crane operators to raise their safety competencies in the operation of cranes e.g. Crawler Crane, Dockside Tower Crane, Mobile Crane (Truck Mounted), Tower Crane (Luffing Jib) and Tower Crane (Saddle Jib).

Learning objectives: 
• State the legal requirements in lifting operation 
• Explain safety precautions in crane operation 
• Describe pre-operational checks on cranes and lifting gears 
• Comply with safe work procedures 
• Interpret load/capacity chart for cranes

Assumed Skills and Knowledge:

Course Duration: 
6 Hours inclusive of 1 hour assessment

Assessment Method:
Written test 

Learners who have successfully completed the course will be conferred a safety pass issued by Smatra Training Hub.

Workshop to Enhance the Safety of Crane Operation (WESCO)