The aim of the course is to provide Learners with the requisite WAH knowledge to manage work-at-height activities, so that work can be carried out safely. 

At the end of the course, the Learner shall be able to:
• Identify, explain and apply the relevant Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Legislations / Approved Code of Practice / Singapore Standards applicable to Work-at-Heights (WAH)
• Identify and explain the Roles & Responsibilities of stakeholders, competent and responsible persons.
• Identify hazards, evaluate the risk, and implement control measures for WAH activities
• Review the necessary fall preventive / protective control measures for safe execution of WAH activities
• Establish, evaluate, review and implement a Fall Prevention Plan
• Establish and implement a system for an effective monitoring and control of WAH risks
• Demonstrate competency in donning, checking and correcting of Individual Fall Protection Equipment and Responding to a fall emergency.

Assumed Skills and Knowledge:
At least WSQ ESS Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 4 and above or equivalent and the ability to carry out hazards identification, risk assessment, and risk control measures.

Course Duration: 
20.5 Hours inclusive of 5 hours assessment

Assessment Method:
Written test and practical performance

Learners who have successfully completed the course will be conferred a safety pass and certificate issued by Smatra Training Hub. 

Managing Work At Height Course